Michael Angley is the producer and talent for 2 Internet and cable access television series:
Michael Angley "Live" – and – American Ghost Hunters.
Michael Angley Live has been on local cable television for 10+ years. Michael is a News
Analyst, and also
the producer, director, and host. He has broad a loyal following that reached
across all communities.
His talk show explores current events, politics, and whatever
interesting topics Michael decides to expand upon. He is a linguistic sniper, and will say out
loud what others dare only to think. His “rants” are laced with humor, and are based on wit
and intelligence.  They are designed to make one think as well as laugh.  Angley Live has won
several awards: local Reader’s Choice awards, an award for television excellence, and an
award for a show which exposed abuse in an adolescent facility. It had been said that Michael
Angley is the bastard child of Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh.  

In Michael’s “Angley Live” show he heckles life. In his other show,
American Ghost Hunters,
and his co-investigator Peter Kanellis explores the afterlife. Michael has been a fan of
paranormal shows for many years, and felt that he could take “ghost hunting” to the next level
by presenting real evidence and theory. He joined up with a local established ghost hunter,
Michael and Peter are dedicated paranormal investigators, explore haunted locations, collect
and evaluate
scientific data, information, and evidence; they help people with "problems" free
of charge.
 They are currently performing paranormal investigations and collecting amazing
evidence. The show had just won an award for television excellence. Interestingly, Michael
produces, edits, and does the voice-over on his personal computer.  The show speaks for
itself, and so do the ghosts.

Michael has done standup comedy and has performed at Caroline’s and the (former) Laugh
Factory in NYC. He is a total IMPROV comedian, or as he puts it, “a stand-up philosopher.”
Born and raised on Long Island, Michael now makes his home in the Finger Lakes region in
upstate New York. Michael brings his interesting and varied life experiences to his work.
Michael has been a writer for Good Times magazine on Long Island,
and freelanced for others.
He was invited to sit on the panel of judges for the prestigious Long Island Battle of the Bands
and the New Music Seminar in NYC.

Michael is a
photographer and loves to take nature shots; he is an animal right activist, and
environmentalist. He has a background in science and electronics, and studies/follows
pathogens as a hobby. He is a Grand Master of martial arts and has studied abroad
; has an IQ
that qualified him to be invited to join Mensa as a child, loves to follow current events and
discuss politics especially on his live TV show, “
Michale Angley Live.” He is a Private
Investigator and
enjoys helping people with problems. In the past, Michael worked as a pyro-
technician shooting fireworks professionally, owned an antique store, and even skydives out
of airplanes until a recent injury but vows to get back into the “big blue.”  

Michael describes his life as a series of “chapters” and he has a philosophy of “going
forward.” He says, “When you hit the wall, you can’t let it stop you, you must break through to
the other side.”