We don't sensationalize the truth. It is what it is and we give it to the viewing audience as it comes.
Our biggest challenge is bridging the gaps of information, and the ignorance associated with the
paranormal world. There are some that don't believe and some that do, some are afraid of the
unknown and other embrace it. After all, it is nature and nothing is above nature. It is also part of our
lives and it's better to have knowledge about something than ignore it. When people tell me that they
don’t believe in ghosts, we bring them along!
is not just another ghost hunting show, but one that delves into the darker side of investigations
helping people with problems concerning paranormal activity. The response team
collects real evidence of paranormal occurrences, using state of
the art electronic equipment, and mediums that help communicate
with the spirit world that make attempts of mediation or elimination.
This investigation involves two suicides; one a close family friend, and
the other a total stranger that leaped in front of the families car to kill
himself! Since the collision, the family began to have strange
experiences within their home; The driver of the car, and mother,
started seeing the male in her home, and in her vehicle. Her youngest
child who is five said that the man kicked her out of her room, and
refused to go back in. They called us in to see if we could help:
Homer, NY Investigation
An Erie Mansion!
Bill Ely a suspected serial killer who lived in Clyde NY is at the center of
this investigation! Bill Ely was thought to have killed many women in the
mansion and elsewhere. Just before the police were about to arrest him,
he suddenly died (in his thirties), but it is believed that he had hung
himself in the mansion. The mansion had seen a lot of violence over the
years, like the two servants that had an argument that grew into murder;
when the Ely family came home after a trip to New York City, they found
the cooks headless body on the third floor where the servants quarters
were. There have been many reports of paranormal activity at this
location, even the owner is afraid to walk the halls at night. The last time
we were at the mansion we had medium Nicole Berardi Wright with us,
and she ran out of the mansion after she was attacked by a ghost!
There has been a lot of unexplained activity within this home, but the
night that the homeowner was watching TV, and someone called up the
stairs and said, "hello;' Then something sat down beside her, and
poked her in the cheek four times, then laughed, they called us in.
Family and friends in the home had frequently seen shadow figures on
the stairs, and on the second floor; the homeowners 10 month olds
mobile above her cradle was turning on by itself, as well as other
electronic toys in the room; and one day they found scribbling on the
walls in a room on the second floor, painted over it, and it happened
again! Then as if to mock them, they found a snowflake type of scribble
on a door that they walk through all the time on the first floor leading to
the parlor. We deployed our gadgets and got some amazing results,
and found out some important history about this location!
The Writing is on the Wall!
The Investigators:
Michael Angley
Peter Kanellis

This house is one of the most active locations that we have ever investigated.
The last time that we were at the Taylor House, we had Tammy Clark with us,
a well known psychic and medium, and she felt that there were several spirits
in the home, some of them being held by a negative entity! We put together
an all star team of mediums to help cross over the spirits that wanted to
leave. This show is packed with evidence that is indisputable!
The Taylor House!
The Wayside Inn

The Wayside Pub was built in 1830, and the proprietor Col Stevens had roots to the
Boston Tea Party. Joining us for this investigation is the current proprietor Margo,
and former employee Tim who had been contacted in the basement, among other
occurrences. The Wayside Pub in an ongoing ghost story. Witnesses range from
staff to state troopers. We have been to the Wayside once before, and found a
young girl that took her own life. There have been many paranormal incidents in the
days leading up to this investigation, we went in to see what we could find!