Wayne County Museum: Lyons, NY Old Jail Investigation
for this investigation we head to Lyons NY to investigate the Wayne County Museum and old county
jail. There have been many reports of paranormal activity in the building over the years, and it is not
surprising being that a man named William Fee was executed by hanging inside the jail back in 1860
and they actually made a chair from the gallows that was used for the hanging. It is interesting to
note that William Fee maintained his innocence to the final days and was found guilty on
circumstantial evidence, Another inmate named Robert Redder poisoned himself in 1903 with
carbolic acid. We invited Cindy Thompson a local Psychic/medium to join us for the investigation, as
she did an amazing job on a prior investigation in Lyons at the Taylor house.
This chair was made from the gallows
that William Fee was hung from!
Cindy Thompson felt the presence of a
guard who was guarding an inmate!
The cell block where William Fee was
executed. At that time there was no
ceiling. Tickets were sold to two hundred
people, but two thousand turned up!
The bathroom area where we
picked up some intelligent
responses on the ghost-box!
Artwork still on walls from prisoners!
A ticket that was sold to attend the
Angley Productions Copyright 2013